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    The advent of technology is opening doors for just about anyone to cash in on big bucks. Computers can do things that humans cannot, like: make logical decisions without emotional interference, perform mega scale research and analysis in nanoseconds, and work 24 hours a day without tiring.

    Equity Trading Alert created a weekly Newsletter that is deliverd to your email inbox. Subscribers of the newsletter receive one penny stock pick chosen by the ETA-Robot.

    AI Intelligence...
  2. StockBlocker

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    So the software picks one stock based on what?

    It would be better if said software picked the stock, bought it, watched it and then sold it before I lost my money.
  3. autotrade

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    StockBlocker if you are interested in a software system like that contact me.
  4. allie

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    Let's see what it's all about then, yes? I'm inherently skeptical of any robot for sale...wouldn't it be more profitable to keep the bot for yourself and earn from that, rather than share the technology?
  5. allie

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    That does not make any sense.
  6. allie

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    Re: 新加的空白文章1

    That does not make any sense.
  7. SilverGuy

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    This does'n look like a robot, just weekly email alerts. This was here already 15 years ago.
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    Robotic Trading Systems are the best option to earn profit from stock market. These systems are fully automated trading systems and allows you to make your own trading strategies.

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