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    vertically integrated operating system.

    from assembly to domain specific applications,
    one language to rule them all.

    example of English variant of language.

    suj quote hello world enquo do say ya

    an assembly mov instruction example

    suj num hex 80 obj reg 1 do copy ya

    eh, well I've lots of ideas and visions for it,
    will cover a wide variety as briefly as I can,
    so you can ask about the details you're interested in.

    memory storage in lists,
    files or strings,
    stored seperately from navigation lists (permission hierarchies).

    functions made on personal computer,
    can be automatically exchanged with friends,
    upon recieving function it is tested for safety and effectiveness,
    utilized and potentially redistributed upon experiencing improvements.

    interface can be 1-d (console), 2-d (icons/windows) or 3-d (walk through rpg like).
    one I was envisioning, is having a console line at bottom,
    and 3d general navigation of forest like scenario,
    with 2-d apps poping up when selected.

    though one of the goals with the language is that all tasks can be accomplished with it.

    functions can be AI generated,
    and in fact as a background process it can be a task,
    for the computer to optimize commonly used programs.

    during wake, computer can note things that might be improved,
    during sleep, computer can modify it's source,
    during dream, computer can test it's code.

    sensors can be used for random info gathering,
    correlating to internal experiences, perhaps through neural nets,
    eventually allowing to be used as soul container.

    binary keyboard, 8 keys, 256 letters,

    intermediary bytecode an oligosynthetic language.

    okay, well hope that's enough to get those neurons firing.
    feel free to ask and contribute.

    we with you grow together.

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