I have two bots in my forums

Discussion in 'General Artificial Intelligence Discussions' started by hugino, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. hugino

    hugino New Member

    I installed 2 bots in my forums(phpBB3) Hal9000(own tecnology) and Alissa(Alice Bot). :eek:

    Well, Alice works well, but Hal9000 needs more datum.:rolleyes:

    i have chatbot of course. Chat with Hal9000.

    so, i have other chatbot - Alissa(Alice bot), need tunning first. :D

    I am really guy, i am not bot. or not??, I am human, go to my forum :

    petrochemical.gronerth.co m /forumchem.

    I am happy, because it wasnot dificult to mod my forum in order to get Alice Bot.

    GOTCHA!!!!! :D

    PD: Hard work to put my URL :p

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