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    I am trying to develop a game that is similar to backgammon, but I have no experience in neural network or AI algorithms.

    I tried to read and learn Neural networks, but all the books I found (or web sites) contain general theoretical information, or maybe a small tic-tac-toe game using neural network.

    I am looking for a 'learn by example' type of books, where I can see how neural network is used to implement a backgammon algorithm.
    I am having hard time 'seeing' how the i/o , weights, conversion function and all these formulas lead to a backgammon algorithm.

    how do we adjust the weight? how do we determine the correct output ? what do we base our decision on, to adjust the weight ?

    does anyone know of any place, tutorial , book, code samples that can help me understand this part, without getting bored to death by the typical theoretical information?

    Thank you
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    There are PLENTY of examples on codeproject's site and Heaton Research offers an excellent introductory to intermediate level book (free) on neural networks using C# or Java with accompanying video tutorial on each chapter.

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