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  1. StrowmanGroup

    StrowmanGroup New Member

    I represent a small firm based in Zurich looking to develop AI based stock market forecasting software. We are fully financed, and are looking to develop software that:

    * Once installed, can then be "programmed" by the user based on their own testing.
    * Users can then swap codes, parameters and strategies in an effort to formulate trading systems that work.

    If you are an experienced A.I. programmer... Or a firm with technology similar to that described, then please get in touch as there may be a way we can work together.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. To get in touch, please PM me through this forum first... Then we can swap contact information.
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  2. aRdoR

    aRdoR Guest

    Have you looked at Java System Trader?

    It interfaces with Interactive Broker.
    Are you looking to do a new system from the ground up?
    Are you a Broker or a Software Company?
  3. StrowmanGroup

    StrowmanGroup New Member

    We are a software company. Looking to acquire
    and improve on existing technology.

    Do you have a link for "Java System Trader" I
    couldn't find it on google.

  4. JoeNJ

    JoeNJ Guest

    Have you heard of "Cooltrade?" They market themselves as a "fully automated, robotic stock trader". From the videos, it looks very impressive.

    They should be easy to find, a quick search brought up the site.
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  5. NeuroInvest

    NeuroInvest New Member

    I have developed a Probabilistic Expert System based on 513 rules, based on technical indexes, candle patterns and other information. AA genetic algorithm optmizes weights of each rule over historical data.
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