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    DreamKraft, Inc. is looking for representatives for our technology & products to the Government and Industrial sectors. We are developing a revolutionary AI technology that can learn in real-time, provide Pavlovian style classical conditioning, asynchronous networks and work in the temporal and spatial domains. Requirements for our representative(s) can be met by the profile below.
    1. Have experience in and work in one or more of the following areas;
    a. Computer Science
    b. Cognitive Science
    c. Neurotechnology
    d. Intelligence Analysts
    e. Accelerated Learning
    f. Intelligent Agents
    g. Robotics
    h. Machine Learning
    i. Vision Systems
    j. Geospatial Representation And Analysis
    k. Common-Sense Reasoning

    2. Have experience in DARPA, NASA, or NSF (or others) grant submittals, plus;
    a. Be interested in assisting in the development of SBIR Phase I and Phase II applications for research areas matching the above list. Work responsibility can be as little as review & comment or as much as general authorship.
    b. Provide assistance with the development of the focus area (we have many application areas available to us with our technology). Also, need help in decision process on where to focus research.
    c. Help connect our technology to the needs of the institutions and resolve the business needs

    3. Have current connections within one or more of these agencies.

    4. Have a desire and interest in taking on a new technology

    5. Looking for 10+ years of experience.

    6. Will work under finders-fee or equitable commissions contract.

    Interested parties should submit a letter or resume highlighting your experience and interest in these matters to dreamkraftsolutions at gmail dot com.

    DreamKraft can provide reference documents for your review if you desire additional information. Please request via email and they will be sent to you immediately.

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